MFF School is a film workshop that emphasizes creative cross-cultural collaboration between the Mediterranean Film Festival and Outside the Lens (OTL). The program fosters a cross-cultural dialogue via digital storytelling among youth and culminates in the production of a short, narrative film to be shown at opening night of the festival. High school students from both the U.S. and Bosnia-Herzegovina join together to co-create a short narrative film that draws from, but also reaches beyond, their respective experiences and communities. While the film is being produced, a documentary film is made about their collective experience, bringing forth the story of their unique cross-cultural experience. Through collaboration with their international peers, both sides will gain an understanding of the other’s cultures by engaging in the journey of cinematic storytelling. 

Under the guidance of an international team students collaboratively brainstorm, develop, and write a screenplay. They engage in all details of pre-production, including making storyboards, creating a shot-list, and more. This prepares students to explore elements of cinematography, sound recording, and production design during the film’s production, as well as learn new concepts in picture and sound editing when they put their film together in post-production. The week culminates with students experiencing the finale of their work’s screening, as they walk the red carpet and watch their film in a packed house on opening night of the festival.

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