my story.

“And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course." - Khalil Gibran

Born and raised in Escondido, California, I grew up surrounded by the creative spirit of my family's flower shop, where the motto each and every day is that we must always"bloom and grow."

I spent about 3 years living and volunteering at an orphanage in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was during that time that I found myself in the midst of unique stories as I came to know the wise individuals behind those journeys. Their wisdom, when paired with my growing appreciation for the power of the image, inspired me to pursue a career in digital media production.

I obtained my Master of Fine Arts in TV and Film Production from the University of Southern California, and I am driven to capture stories through both still and motion photography.

I have brought my passions together, by teaching digital media arts to youth as the Program Manager for Outside the Lens in San Diego. I also enjoy teaching a film workshop every year at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a region of the world that has remained close to my heart. I seek to instill in young people the importance of telling their stories, while providing them the skills necessary to create digital content. I hope to inspire those who belong to the next generation of storytellers by constantly reminding them that within their stories they will find their greatest treasure.