"Within our stories, we will find our greatest treasure."

There is no better place to start my first blog post ever, than with this simple statement.

I believe in the power of stories, for within them are universal themes that span the globe, and maybe even beyond. Some may call me crazy, but I believe this to be true.

When I dwell upon all of the uncertainty that this life has to offer, I realize that most things can be given and taken. Financial security, health, relationships, dwellings, etc. are things that many of us have or are in the process of working towards. We wake up every morning with the expectation that they will be there, and continue to remain there if we fulfill certain obligations and reach clearly marked goals. But the past often reminds us that although we can carefully arrange our lives in such a way for our expectations to likely occur, they are not guaranteed to occur. 

However. We are guaranteed a story. Through every victory and failure, gain and loss, each of us is composing a narrative. A story that is unique to us, and that may have commenced long before we set foot upon this earth, and may very well carry on after we depart this earth. These are stories that belong to us as individuals, but I often wonder if our stories are somehow all woven together in this magnificent, yet flawed collective that we call humanity.

As paths converge and diverge, love ignites and extinguishes, the sun rises and gently falls, we are authors of incredibly complex journeys that belong to us. Journeys that unlock new doors and soar at new heights, even when the shadow of night falls upon us, thus breathing life into glorious adventures that no one can give, and no one can take.

If you are alive, you are probably on one of these unwritten adventures. Despite pain and struggle on the road, may your adventure have moments of bliss and tales of triumph.

As you steadily write your story, I pray that it is truly your greatest treasure.